Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Lesbians prefer blondes

CLICK to enlargeLook, twinsies! The first shot of new Nip/Tuck couple Portia de Rossi and Joely Richardson has been released by FX. (Click to enlarge.) They look so happy. They look so healthy. They look so on the verge of being the victims of a horrible, horrible hate crime. Oh wait, sorry, that’s just me reading too much into the body language. Actually, Portia is totally giving Joely a naughty “Just wait until I get you home and into bed, missy -- you’re in big trouble!”-look. I’ll bet she’s doing mental calculations on how many moves it will take to undo Joely’s bra. It’s like “Name That Tune,” but much more fun. “I can undo that bra in three moves!”CLICK to enlargeWith Joely’s character Julia lesboing up, this mean Roma Maffia’s character Dr. Liz Cruz will have some lady-loving competition this season. I’ll admit, I haven’t watch Nip/Tuck regularly in quite a while. The whole Carver thing along with assorted other insane/inane plot points convinced me I could find better ways to spend an hour on Tuesday nights. I probably won’t watch regularly this season either. But, I do plan to tune in for the “anything but tame” hot lesbian sex Joely and Portia will be having, however short the afterglow ends up being. Also, I had no idea Lauren Hutton was on this show, did you? Oh, wait, she appears to be a new character. Wow, she looks great. Damn, it’s like FX is taunting me with all this beauty, daring me to start watching again. Must. Resist. Must... Fine, I’m programming it in. But I swear I’m just going to skip to the good parts.CLICK to enlarge

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lauren looks delicious...wow