Monday, June 11, 2007

Shining through

The True Colors Tour started this weekend and since Cyndi and I are likethis I thought I’d share a little glimpse of the tour so far. Talk about your fabulous gay fiesta. Cyndi and Rosie and Indigo Girls and Dresden Dolls, oh my! Though, Rosie. Ro. Honey. Darling. Your feet. What is on your feet? A black pantsuit with yellow Crocs? I know they’re comfortable, but seriously. When you walked out all the gay boys in the crowd must have done a collective, “Ooh, girl, no she di’nt!”


Flippy said...

But they are so incredibly comfortable, and our seats were so far away, so without the arena using the monitors, her shoes were something I could actually see from the cheap seats. :)

The whole concert was lots of fun. I wish I could go to a couple other cities, but I'm happy to have been at the very first show. It felt like the beginning of something special.

Sally said...

Those are the ugliest shoes ever!!! I haven't try them yet, but I guess it is a matter of time before I do. They are so... "butchy"