Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Get your gay on

Happy Pride! OK, fine, I’m five days late. But it lasts a whole month so cut me a little slack. You know, I’ve been going to Pride events for about a decade now and I’m not quite sure when “Happy Pride!” become the greeting of choice at celebrations across the country. But as I turned the calendar page to June this year, I looked forward to hearing the enthusiastic welcome come Pride Weekend. Then I thought about the electro thump-thump-thump that becomes the city’s de facto heartbeat and I just had to smile. Sure, it’s crowded. Sure, it’s noisy. Sure, it’s crawling with camera-wielding tourists. Still, somehow, you just can’t beat dancing with friends in the middle of the street surrounded by a sea of gayness as far as the eye can see. Plus, come on, who doesn’t love a parade? Happy Pride, indeed.


LN James said...

I shall be attending the parade in our nation's capital this year. I'm hoping to cash in on Condi and/or Hill. Wish me luck and hope my cell phone camera keeps working!

ravaj said...

it really isn't pride for me if i don't make it to a march. i like to be in the parade as well ... in nyc it is the best way to see what's going on and to get down fifth avenue :-)

i went to the dc parade 3 years ago and it was terribly small. i hope it's better this time.

nu - i'm happy to say 'happy pride'!

Dylan said...

Woohoooo Pride. A day made just for the gays... a whole month. And though I've never been a big old homo when it comes to pride and rainbows and wearing all sorts of colorful stuff... it's a great day when you're surrounded by a bunch of your peeps and allies. :)