Friday, June 01, 2007

Hell hath no fury like a Jodie Foster scorned

The trailer for Jodie Foster’s new film “The Brave One” is a doozy. I’ve been interested in this film since I saw those on-set shots of Jodie brandishing a weapon and her biceps on the streets of New York. Jodie with a gun? Who has the popcorn? Now that I’ve seen the new trailer, I’m even more intrigued.

I mean, it looks good, right? Intense, but in a smart way instead of a watch-me-crash-this-car-in-slo-mo kind of way. I love how Jodie’s voice is filled with iron, even at a whisper. But, and yes there is always a but, wouldn’t it have been so much better if Jodie’s dearly deceased lover had been a woman instead of that guy from “Lost.” No offense to the talented Naveen Andrews, but it just would have felt so much more…authentic.

Yes, yes -- I know -- I’m a dreamer who is apparently also fond of pipes. Jodie has made a concerted effort in her adult career to stay away from overtly sexualized roles. In the few recent films where she has had a love interest, the chemistry was meh at best. Lord, let us never again be subjected to the uncomfortable lovemaking that was “Sommersby.”

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