Friday, February 23, 2024

My Weekend Crush

We should probably talk about that Rolling Stone cover by Kristen Stewart. Since its release last week, right wingers have already had all of the aneurysms about its overly queer aesthetic (A woman! In a jock strap! With her hand…!) Kristen has already reveled in said conservative hyperventilating, and generally a jolly gay time was had by all (who aren’t conservative asshats).

But what I really think that Rolling Stone cover is perhaps this generation’s “Yep, I’m Gay” Time magazine cover. Sure, it might not have the same overall cultural impact. But to queers in her age bracket? Maybe. Here she is intentionally, unapologetically doing “The Gayest Thing You’ve Ever Seen in Your Life.” And here she is, intentionally, unapologetically and thoughtfully discussing her gay identity and gender norms and what it has been like for her in Hollywood and what she wants to do next. (Though, man, I wish the interviewer had asked her about “Happiest Season,” her one bonafide queer role to date. Alas.)

Still Kristen Stewart’s nonchalant “I'm, like, so gay, dude” coming out during her SNL monologue typified a generational shift where we didn't need to announce things on magazine covers anymore. Yet here she is, again intentionally and unapologetically reminding people on a magazine cover. I dig it. I also love that she’s reading Jeanette Winterson. Same, girl, do you need to borrow any of her books?

It’s all interesting, all very gay. Give the whole thing a read (Internet Archive version here in case you hit that Rolling Stones paywall). And in the end, I think the takeaway is no one gets to define who Kristen Stewart is, not as a queer person not as an artist not as a celebrity, but Kristen Stewart. As it should be. Happy gayest weekend you’ve ever seen in your life, all. (Or at least a darn good one.)

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