Monday, February 12, 2024

Music Monday: Forever Tracy

If you hadn’t noticed, Tracy Chapman is having a bit of a moment. Since her Grammy performance with Luke Combs on “Fast Car,” so many think pieces have been thunked onto the internet about what it all means. It’s healing America’s racial/political divide! It’s about hope! It’s about despair! It’s about cars! It’s about the impossibility of reaching escape velocity in a capitalist society intent on exploiting its most vulnerable populations for the further enrichment of the already obscenely rich! (You know that last one is true.)

Through all of this I just want to marvel at the fact that a queer activist folk singer, which is what Tracy has always been, is being celebrated by basically everyone some 35 years after her first appearance in our cultural conscience. And despite leading an overwhelmingly private life, especially in the last 15 years, she remains such a powerful force that everyone was again overwhelmed by her talent and grateful that she chose to share it with us again. Also, to be deeply superficial, holy shit she looked so beautiful. Revolutions are hot, pass it on. Happy Monday, kittens.

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Carmen San Diego said...

I hope that after fast car the next song of hers that resurfaces is baby can I hold you?