Wednesday, August 19, 2020

When They Go Low, We've Got Michelle

Since we’re feeling our political selves right now, why not so something else good for yourself and listen to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s socially distant Democratic National Convention speech. She was by far the stand-out of the first half of the all-virtual event. (Tonight we get Kamala and then Barack, which is one hell of a one-two Democratic punch.) One of the best things about Michelle is she’s not a politician and then one of the second best things about Michelle is she is still excellent at politics. Can you imagine any Republican national figure giving such a heartfelt speech about empathy in this political moment? No, you can’t because they’ve all made it very, very clear in the past almost four years they really don’t care – and then some. So spend the next 18 minutes with a woman who really does care.


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Class act.