Thursday, August 20, 2020

Totally Vice Presidential Material

Look, I’m not saying Kamala Harris wore that stunning plum suit while giving her vice presidential nominee acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention last night just to provide another image to add to my Straight Bette Porter Collection. But I’m also not saying she didn’t. Ahem. Thank you, Madam Vice President. As always, I appreciate the attention to detail.

Oh, yeah, it is so on Mike Pence. I mean, as long as Mother allows it, right lil buddy?


Helena said...

Thank you , this just makes today feel so much lighter and brighter.

Carmen San Diego said...

The moment she came out I thought of you and your straight Bette

Osiris said...

Really surprised so many are not wearing masks. I feel it is important to send a message to America.

Wilson said...

I love this!!! Straight Bette Porter all the way

Tanzania said...

Osiris, Kamala was alone on a stage. There was no need for a mask. When she - and Joe Biden and their spouses - were off-stage, they wore masks. They are being good examples. Unlike The Orange Stain.

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