Friday, December 01, 2017

My Weekend Countess

As we all know, the cast of the short-lived but eternally beloved “My So-Called Life” has done pretty well for itself. Angela Chase is an only somewhat overly paranoid CIA agent. Jordan Catalano has an Oscar (cough, shoulda been played by an actual trans woman, cough) and a band. Rickie Vasquez is still ridiculously handsome and making the world a better, gayer place. And, of course, Brian Krakow is a lesbian man named Lisa.

But what of the beautiful, free-spirited, slightly broken Rayanne Graff? Well, don’t worry, she’s doing just fine. She’s a countess and lives in a castle now.

Now, you may recall back in 2005 Rayanne actress A.J. Langer married Charles Courtenay, who just so happened to be the 19th Earl of Devon. They had two kids and lived in LA until 2015 when his father died they moved to his ancestral home of Powderham Castle in the English countryside. Like a real, legit castle.

People has a nice little profile on the happy family. And I have to say they look very happy and also OMG RAYANNE LIVES IN A CASTLE. Happy weekend, countesses and everyone else.


;) babs said...

been to Powderham Castle near Exeter and I actually stood in her living room in 2015!!
but I only learned she was the new Countess of Devon afterwards.

Carmen SanDiego said...

This is the best "where are they now" Story ever

Anonymous said...

Also Rickie is also on Star Trek Discovery, as a gay medical officer

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this show. Did it air back in the day ?