Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Gillian Education

Imagine if Gillian Anderson wanted you for sex…therapy. And she had an English accent and this haircut. Yowza, I think I can work up some sexual dysfunction is she was my therapist.

The new British comedy “Sex Education” stars Gillian as a sex therapist whose teenage son embarks on his own under-the-table sex therapy business for his high school classmates. I’m not sure how into the teenage boy runs sex therapy scam story I am. But I am always here for Gillian being funny and talking about sex. Plus reviews so far has been quite positive. And they’re not just “helping” straight couples either from the looks of things.

“Sex Education” debuts in the States Friday on Netflix. Will you be watching/Gillianing?


AK said...

Yes I will be Gillianing. Also cannot wait for season premiere of American Gods, just to see her character. Praise the Goddess....

fridax said...

This could go either way, but Gillian!!! Will certainly check it out, might learn a thing or two ;)

@AK ALASKA: Alas, Gillian has left American Gods after the original showrunners left / were fired... see here.