Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Strapping Blanchett

It has come to my lesbian attention that Cate Blanchett is in a new play where, if Twitter is to be believed, she walks around half-naked while wearing a strap-on and kisses at least one woman.

Yes, you read that right, including the words “half-naked,” “strap on” and “kiss a woman.”

The play in question is new work “When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each Other” by Martin Crimp based on the 18th Century English novel “Pamela” also known as “Virtue Rewarded.” Playbill calls the story a “dangerous game of sexual domination and resistance.” The Guardian in a profile of Cate getting ready for the role calls it a flat-out “S&M-themed play.” And gay women everywhere are just gonna call it “The One Where Cate Wears A Strap-On.”

The play opened yesterday at the National Theatre in London and runs through early March. Alas, it’s already sold out. But there is a Hamlton/Rent-style lottery for day-of tickets. So, if anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket, I would be happy to stand in line and provide a first-hand report.

You know, for lesbian science.

Until a photo emerges of Cate in said strappy situation, here is a photo of Cate biting her finger while thinking about you thinking about her wearing a strap on while kissing a woman.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh wow that play has DS written all over it. You should totally go

AK said...

Oh My Goddess (clutch the pearls,clutch the pearls, eye roll) !

Anonymous said...

Apparently she also lubes the dildo on stage. GULP.

The person who posted about the strap-on clarified that she wasn't wearing it when kissing the woman, but whatever.

Osiris said...

Terrible news about Into Magazine. Yet After Ellen continues? Where is the justice ?

Anonymous said...

Good thing I’m sitting down. This is a literal bombshell item. Hold me Carol!! Sweet baby jeebus 🤯

Anonymous said...

Don't get your hopes so high Dear Dorothy. According to this review, it was not what we, based on the tweet,thought it to be.