Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tank Top Tuesday

I (thankfully) never watched “House of Cards.” But now that they’re returning for a sixth and final season without Kevin Spacey and with Robin Wright I just might consider it. Finally, a smart woman replaces a bad man. Now, if only the real world worked like this as well. Say hello to Madame President. And can I just say this President Underwood looks stellar in a tank top.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Same' I couldn't get past the dog being hit by a car on the dry first scene of the very first episode but now I'll watch! I wonder if I can understand the plot, though

tlsintx said...

A thousand times yes.

Anonymous said...

But you can't just jump in without watching the prior seasons can you ? I guess just separate the art from the actor if that's possible. Some can do it, others can't. Personally I never watched the show I don't have Netflix. If you are looking for a real good show have you seen "This Is Us" ? Hasn't been an episode yet where I aren't teared up.