Thursday, December 14, 2017

Gender Fuck Thursday

It’s been a hell of a year – emphasis on hell. So I think you deserve some women in suits and ties. And in black and white, no less. Consider it an attempt to right some of the cosmic imbalance of this year. It’s not much, but we have to take our joy wherever we can find it.

Robin Wright

She looks great in a tank top, she looks great in a suit, looks great in the Oval Office.

Lena Headey

I would watch a 12-hour documentary of just Lena walking around in this suit, vest, pants combo. I really would.

Janelle Monae

Not to be demanding, but I want Janelle to start wearing more suits out in public again.

Alicia Vikander

I may not be 100 percent sold on her as Lara Croft yet. But in this suit I’m willing to listen.

Myrna Loy

Vintage Gender Fuck is my no-so-secret favorite.

Patricia Clarkson

The first time I saw her in a film I thought she was German. And also a lesbian. And possibly a heroin addict.

Tessa Thompson

I demand a standalone Valkyrie movie.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Just yesterday I was thinking "we need more ladies in suits" and here you deliver. Thank you for your service, DS
Love you

Liquid Lilac said...

Gal Gadot - bless her heart - obviously got the memo about Gender Fuck Thursday and tweeted this:

Anonymous said...

What about Louise Brooks? The It girl from the 1920's who started it all with the FIRST portrayal of a lesbian storyline in film in the movie Pandora's Box!

Anonymous said...

Nice shout out to High Art - one for the ages.

Anonymous said...

Dear sweet goddess Robin Wright is perfection. Holy hot.