Friday, December 15, 2017

My Weekend Winslet

I’ve always loved Kate Winslet; there’s just always been something wonderfully cheeky about her. She seems sort of delightful, in that specifically British way of being delightful. And this interview with Stephen Colbert where she reenacts the famous Jack and Rose on the door scene is no exception. Cheeky, delightful.

The interesting thing about our particular cultural moment we live in right now is how much more we’ve started asking that our celebrities be more than just being cheeky and delightful. As the reckoning against Bad Men continues, so does our desire to see the people we elevate to stardom have a collective conscience on this issue.

Not all of them have succeeded so far. And sadly Kate is among those who seem to have a blind spot when it comes to some Bad Men. She is the star of Woody Allen’s new film “Wonder Wheel,” and has made some rather unfortunate justifications for working with the director. Also there’s the whole “I think on some level Woody is a woman” nonsense.

Like I was saying, disappointing. Of course she is not the first of my favorites to disappoint. (Seriously, Jodie? Are you kidding, J.K.?) But, the good news is people can change their minds. And a bad choice can be admitted. Just look at Ellen Page, who admitted that doing a Woody Allen movie was “the biggest regret of my career.”

It’s beyond time that actors and actresses abandon the “but he was good to me” attitude about these Bad Men. And we must continue to demand more than excuses for not holding them accountable for all of their actions. Cheeky and delightful is nice. Socially aware and responsible is nicer. There’s room on the door for both, Kate, I promise. Happy weekend, all.


Sue Winter said...

Could watch this woman read the phone book for hours and be enthralled.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Perfectly stated. Disappointed in Jodie and JK too
Incidentally I hope to see your thoughts on The Last Jedi here soon...

Anonymous said...

Hope the movie is a box-office disaster. Kate needs to rise to the occasion. Pandering to these sick perverts is no longer acceptable.

Osiris said...

I love the vintage Woody Allen movies. His stuff from the 70s is brilliant. Young Diane Keaton fare is a great watch on a rainy day. But it's anyone's right to boycott and stay away if you are bothered by his actions.