Friday, December 08, 2017

My Weekend Crush

Look, it has not been the best time to be a Democrat in America. With the GOP controlling the House, Senate and Executive Branch (and don’t even get me started on the Judiciary), we don’t have a lot of bright spots right now. And they’re letting Orange Voldemort ruin, like, everything (seriously, everything). So what is there to look forward to if your politics run Democratic these days? Well, how about Dana Nessel? She is a Democrat running for Attorney General of Michigan. And let me tell you, she has released my favorite political ad of the 2018 election cycle. Granted, we’re not terribly far into the 2018 election cycle, but something tells me her ad will stand out for quite a while. Look, if I lived in Michigan she would have my vote. And that’s not just because she promises not show me her penis in a professional setting. Happy weekend and let’s vote the Republicans out in 2018, all.


Karen said...

Dorothy I usually agree with you but my kind of feminism doesnt reduce individuals to their genitalia. I found the ad uncomfortable. If a man produced the same ad and replaced it with vagina I would be outraged. The ad may get people talking but I still don't like it. Many transgender women also have a working penis. This ad completely disrespects them as well. Anyway have a good weekend !!

Carmen SanDiego said...

Great ad. Fantastic ad. I would vote for her in a heartbeat. Hope she wins
Have a great weekend DS

Sherri said...

This is great! Right now in this day and age our women/society will vent and speak up because of being silenced on so many levels for so long. We are in a pendulum swing of outcry to be voiced and will come to center in time. Men have been doing this kind of thing for centuries but covertly and sometimes overtly. I feel the genitalia comments in the add are a little much, but make a point well heard. It’s close to being a SNL commentary. It’s all good. I too vote for an all women ticket - as long as power stays in check. We’re all waking up... slowly, surely! Have a great day!