Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Truth Is Gillian

Hello. This is Gillian Anderson. Look at her. Look at Gillian Anderson. Gillian Anderson is the only reason I am still watching “The X-Files.” I really don’t want to still be watching “The X-Files.” Last year the return of the series, after 14 years off the air, was – to be charitable – bad. It was bad. But look at Gillian Anderson. Now consider not looking at Gillian Anderson. Yeah, I’m going to keep looking at Gillian Anderson.

p.s. Thank heavens I can also watch her in an actually good show as well. When does “American Gods” return again?


Waffles said...

Not sure if Mindhunter is up your alley - but there is a queer woman in it!

Carmen SanDiego said...

She's the one responsible for my love of pantsuits and red heads but I Can't wait for American Gods to return because, sorry Gillian, I'm not falling for the X Files again

Anonymous said...

Love American Gods!