Thursday, October 19, 2017

Gender Fuck Thursday: Julie Andrews Edition

So while I was on vacation I missed Julie Andrew’s 82nd birthday. This is, of course, an unforgiveable sin. So to make up for it may I remind you that few female Hollywood stars dress in drag better than Dame Julie Andrews. In fact, I’d say only the incomparable Dietrich fills out a tuxedo better, and that’s just by a smidge. So happy belated birthday, Julie Andrews. You’ll always be the queen of everything in my book.

p.s. In case you want to involuntarily (but consensually, so so consensually) lose your pants, please enjoy this gifset.


Carol Naylor said...

In case you don't already have this in your collection. This is from 1999:

Carmen SanDiego said...

Even though it was after her surgery I went to see her at the Hollywood Bowl once. I just wanted to clap for her. It was great.

AK ALASKA said...

Victor/Victoria was a fun movie. Another classy Dame!
P.S. I loved that other movie where she showed her breasts, but con't recall
the name of it....oh great, another binge excuse.

Anonymous said...

Julie Andrews was my first celebrity crush, back in about 1966, I think. That's the time of The Sound of Music, isn't it? I was in Elementary School and clueless as one can be.

Helena said...

Thank you for all these beautiful photos. Same as anonymous , she was also my first real crush - too young to realise what it was!And the Sound of Music was the first movie I saw in English.