Monday, February 22, 2016

Scully Out

So – don’t get me wrong – I’ve loved having “The X-Files” back. But now, as the final episode of the revival is set to air tonight, something in this short season has just felt … off. The tone has been a little off-kilter, even in its best episodes (which in my humble opinion were the lizard man and garbage man episodes). Maybe it’s that they’ve focused so much on Scully’s parental guilt. Granted, I tailed off watching “The X-Files” during those final pregnancy seasons. So perhaps it makes sense given how they left things. But I was looking for more of that old “X-Files” magic. The scary and the absurd and the profound. Plus there was that whole infuriating initial pay disparity thing. But hey, like I said, I’m not complaining too much. Anything that brings Gillian Anderson’s glorious face, and other attributes, back to my TV is A-OK with me. Also, I feel like I should leave offerings to the TV gods for giving us this gloriousness this season.

Oh, Special Agent Dana Scully, we’ll miss you so.

But, seriously, have I mentioned how much?

EDIT: Nevermind, I just watched the finale. What the fuck kind of ridiculous anti-vaxxer nonsense was that? Ugh, I was trying to be nice, but this "season" was just so...bad. It was bad. 


Lyn said...

<3 Gillian Anderson.

voltairesmistress said...

Hi Dorothy, Hey, thank you for all your blog posts -- I learn about many shows I would never have heard about otherwise. Just one suggestion: PLEASE binge watch The 100 and catch up with Season 3 so that we can enjoy your insights about the many badass heroines that grace that show. Besides having the most awesome F/F ship, Clexa, there are just so many awesome, feminist characters (women and men) to think about.: Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusick, Marie Avgeropoulos, Ricky Whittle, Lindsey Morgan, Eliza Taylor, Alicia Debnam Carey, Adina Porter. Kind of a shame for you to not be pointing out this cast and great writing to your many followers.

Anonymous said...

I must admit my interest in Gillian has been aroused since I recently read that she was known to "hang out" with my girl, Gina Gershon, back in the 90's.... so yeah, there's that! Can you I M A G I N E !!!??? OMF*ingG!