Wednesday, October 25, 2017

House of Hot Damn

Holy and Crap. Look, I warned everyone about the dangers of sleeping on Sara Ramirez this spring. Ever since she left “Grey’s Anatomy” it was easy to fall into the out of sight, out of mind trap. But *low whistle* that would have been a mistake. Because not only did she show up hot as hell in Mary Lambert’s new music video in May. Now, from seemingly out of nowhere, the bisexual star surprises us all again with a mass fainting spell felt around the queerladyverse. Like, how can you just post this without any warning, Sara? A girl needs to be sitting or at least near a soft surface before you spring something THIS INCREDIBLY GAY on her. The hair. The suit. The tie. The suspenders. The POCKET FREAKING CHAIN.

That sound you heard yesterday (after we got up off the floor) was millions of gay ladies frantically fumbling with their remote controls to set a season pass for “Madame Secretary.” On Twitter yesterday Sara revealed her character on the hit series. She joins the show as a series regular, playing Kat Sandoval, “a brilliant political strategist, legendary in D.C. for her talent and for abruptly dropping out of politics until Elizabeth (the Madame Secretary of the title played by Tea Leoni) manages to coax her back into the State Department.”

Make that a brilliant, super gay, political strategies with a legendary alternative lifestyle haircut and have we mentioned the POCKET FREAKING CHAIN? Forget “House of Cards,” this is the House of Hot Damn.

Right, so “Madame Secretary” airs at 10 p.m. Sundays and Sara starts on the show Nov. 19. Saved you from having to search. Which means more time for swooning. You’re welcome.


Carmen SanDiego said...

That haircut will be on TV! That alternative lifestyle haircut!
Although I am sad that this means no more Calzona (I still had hopes but I doubt CBS would release her even for one episode cameo)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness

AnnieStinkle said...

Oh, I thought that sound I heard yesterday was the sound of thousands of women cheering in response to Our Lady of the Takes No Bullshit Cate Blanchett's comments at the InStyle awards.

queer girl said...

Bless us, everyone.

Anonymous said...

So Ramirez didn't get work after she left the show so what does she do, LesBIan tropes culminating with a return to G.A. Yawn