Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Gillian Gods

You guys, I finished “American Gods” and I’ve decided the strong WTFisHappening feelings through the first half of the season were totally worth it. The series really came together in its second half, thanks mostly to the women of the series who helped center the show. And by women I mostly mean Gillian Anderson because I, too, believe in Sue Perkin’s eternal TV/life motto. But, actually it was the many faces of Gillian, the colorful color-sapping power of Kristin Chenoweth, the deadpan of Dead Wife Emily Browning and endless vagina nebula of Yetide Badaki that really sold me on the series.

I am actually excited now to see how this crazy new gods vs. old gods war plays out. And while I know I should probably be rooting for the old gods, it’s hard to root against Gillian. Or should I say Lucy. Or Bowie. Or Marilyn. Or Judy. Oh, my.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I love the show but then again I read the book twice. Sometimes I wonder if people that haven't read it or even able to understand what's going on because it is really WTF

AK said...

Feast for the eyes & imagination to say the least. I cannot wait for the next season(s?) mind f*ck.
I have not read the book, but love the prior productions of gaiman & fuller so I checked it out.
Granted the first 3 episodes were a challenge, but by the end of the season I was very very hooked.
Ok ok Gillian had something to do with it, but not totally. Personally prefer less blood & gore, Gillian is worth it.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for season 2! I love, love, love the Dead Wife and Mad Sweeney! He has really come a long way in character development. The backstories are so intriguing!