Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Killer Pride

Kittens, whew. I haven’t even had a chance to watch Charlize Theron double-punch dudes in the face yet and already there’s another must-see female assassin movie on my list. Taraji P. Henson shooting to kill and doing fierce-ass push-ups? Yes please, ma’am. Look if we could just get all the bad-ass female assassins and kick-ass female superheroes together in one movie, think of the glory.


Erin O'Riordan said...

Yes, please! My Taraji obsession stems from her badass detective character on 'Person of Interest,' of course, but man can she do it all. She goes from hip hop diva Cookie Lyon to maths/physics whiz Katherine Johnson in 'Hidden Figures' to this badass so quick she gives us all whiplash but we love it.

If Ms. Taraji and Ms. Charlize do a movie together I might just diiiiiiiiiie from all the sexy.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I can't keep up but that's a nice problem to have

Anonymous said...

Who doesn't LOVE, LOVE, Love Taraji P Henson? However you not seeing Atomic Blonde is UNFORGIVABLE at this point because if anything the film sets a new standard for women's roles in action movies.
Not to mention the "Girl-on-Girl" element.

OMG Atomic Blonde is the ONLY movie I have ever seen, were men do not rudh in to save the day, hell they don't even get a love scene! The extent to which she performs her own stunts is unsurpassed by even John Wick.

Anonymous said...

Taraji P. Henson kicking ass? Hell, yes. From Carter to Cookie to one does attitude better.

Deanna Yang said...

She was marvellous in Person Of Interest. Loved the pushups, but not so keen on the shoot-em-up stuff (but each to their her own). I rather she threw a knockout uppercut or wrestle the baddie to submission - ha.