Tuesday, August 08, 2017

My dracarys, myself

OK, fine, so the dracarys scene was pretty fucking amazing, too. Yes, I have to close my eyes at all the horsie deaths (like, 5,000 soldiers can be slaughters in gruesome blood-splattering ways, but cut one horse and I’m all, “Noooooooooo!). But I am absolutely going to incorporate Daenerys’ full-throated “Dracarys!” into my everyday vernacular. Like the next time some dude annoys me I’m going to just stare at them and say “Dracarys” at him under my breath. Or, you know, in a blood-curdling yell – depending on how much he pissed me off. I think all women should.

As I was saying...


Carmen SanDiego said...

That scene was sensational
The Stark family reunion too
Best episode of the season and one of the 5 best episodes of the whole series

Carmen SanDiego said...

Also, I'm the same way. Kill humans in gory ways and im OK with it, harm an animal and I have to look away

Rhosette Meyer said...

My dracarys, myself is this a movie.. i want to watch this.. the teaser was good..

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