Friday, August 25, 2017

My Weekend Crush

Guys, we made it through another week in Trump’s America. That alone is reason to celebrate. (Though, don’t think I’m not 200 percent furious that this five-time draft dodger is going ahead with his cruel and despicable plan to kick out honorable trans military service members who actually volunteered to serve this country. Because I am 300 percent furious about that.) So if you need a momentary reset on your rage, despair, fear, disgust and anxiety button, please enjoy Melissa McCarthy lip synching her heron and otter out. (Fast forward to 5:30 if you simply cannot wait and need a jolt of happy immediately.) Happy colors of the wind weekend, all.

p.s. And, yes, fast forwarding also avoid the hair tossler. So I highly recommend it.


Aretha Jones said...

Fast forward to 5:30 if you
simply cannot stand Jimmy Fallon and are unable to forget his complicity in getting Mr. Cheeto elected to public office.

Carmen SanDiego said...

If they ever re-do Fried Green Tomatoes (preferably with an openly gay storyline, Melissa McCarthy would make a great Evelyn. Towanda!
Oh, and I vote JLaw for Idgie

Anonymous said...

God Bless the residents of coastal Texas.