Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Reunion Word

Well, well, well. Seems all that Twitter back-and-forth between our favorite “The L Word” stars meant something after all. No, the gang isn’t reuniting for a revival of the series – just yet. But they did get together for a reunion show to discuss the series, which debuts online today. “EW Reunites: The L Word” features Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig, Mia Kirshner, Erin Daniels, Leisha Hailey, Sarah Shahi, Daniela Sea and – yes – The Chaiken talking about the series for the People/Entertainment Weekly Network. (You can stream it here today).

I’ve ruminated about whether we need another “The L Word.” Need and want, of course, are very different things. I’d argue that as much as we might want one, we might not absolutely need one – like we did 13 years ago when it debuted – because of the amount of representation that has become integrated into other shows from “Wynonna Earp” to “Supergirl” and “Orphan Black.” Granted, we’ve had a bad run the past year or so what with all the burying of gays and some favorites leaving. (Oh, “Lost Girl,” I miss you so.) Still, as much as “The L Word” drove us all absofuckinglutely bonkers, it is a little irresistible to dream. I mean, who are we kidding, we would totally watch. Maybe, just maybe a new “The L Word” could get things right. Without the unnecessary deaths of beloved tennis stars and with more diversity. Without the offensive trans storylines/random murder mysteries/high-tech computer searches and with plots that make sense for a change. Look, a gay gal can dream.

Either way, it’s nice to see the gang all back together. While all the queer lady fandoms are great, there was something special about the communal feel of everybody watching the same show. Sure, it was because it was all we had. But it was ours – the good, the bad, the Jenny Schecter.

Here are two clips from the reunion show, courtesy the People/Entertainment Weekly Network.

First, Jennifer on saving the world.

Then Ilene on the possibility of a revival.

And here are a few more shots of The L Ladies. Damn, they’ve still got it. Reunited and it feels so gay.

p.s. In that last photo I am imagining Kate and Mia cracking up about the fact that Shenny was ever a thing.


Waffles said...

I feel, though, that there is a difference between being represented on shows by having a character or two who is queer versus a show centered on the queer community writ large. The latter is something I feel that we need. Sense8 didn't do that exactly, and it was problematic in many ways, but it pushed the lines of gender and gave us more of a glimpse into queer culture than any show on tv I can think of right now. I feel like showing the queer community more broadly can create a proxy community for queers who lack it in a way that a lesbian couple on Supergirl just cannot. It also allows the show to address different issues, and current issues - which I also think we need.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I would love to have another show with all lesbian characters. I miss The L Word and Lip Service.
but I imagine it would be criticized by the community for not Including everybody. People would be like "how come there is no gray ace non-binary character?"

AnnieStinkle said...

Carmen- so true, and this is why we can't have nice things.

I think they should make a show where Pam from True Blood uses some kind of dark magic to resurrect all of the dead lesbians from other shows, and they form a band of merry pissed off gay ladies who then go around kicking the asses of the jerk show-runners who killed their characters by day, and making out with each other at Fangtasia by night. 10/10 would watch.

Helena said...

Waffles , so true we need a queer centred show. And Dorothy I definitely just want it also :). Still today when I see a Mini Cooper I see Alice:))

Tanzania said...

Jennifer Beals does. not. age.

FASTTCR said...

By the end of the L word, it was just about Jennifer/TiBette for me. The whole Jenny thing soured me so much that I have never re-watched Season 6. Yes, Jennifer Beals - DOES. NOT. AGE! Been my celebrity pass since Flashdance. Me and my little teenage heart was smitten. Still got the crush.

Anonymous said...

yes, we NEED a show that's centered around queer women's community. there hasn't been one SINCE the lword. having a character or two here or there is completely different than being submersed in a gay world. this is necessary more than ever. i agree with carmen here and know the bitching will commence if every single stripe isn't included - but we need to move past the point where inclusiveness ends up destroying a premise. diversity is fantastic - but not at the compromise of a specific vision. ditch chaiken and keep the focus on queer women.