Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make 'Em Laugh

In my ongoing effort to find more joy in 2017, I’ve compiled a list of 30-minute, female-fronted sitcoms that make me laugh. Like really, really, really laugh. While laughter may not rid of the unhinged, thin-skinned narcissist intend on destroying the pillars of our democracy, they do give us a needed respite from the sickening madness. (I know, I know – I keep bringing it up. But, you know, it’s kiiinda important.) So without futher ado, here are some very funny comedies to check out if you aren’t already. Lesbians not necessarily included (unfortunately – though some are a tad lesbianish, so give them time.)

Broad City

The continuing misadventures of Abbi and Ilana are a bit like Dadaist “Girls.” Wonderfully weird and feminist and weird some more. Yas, queens, you should totally be watching this.

The Good Place

OMG, please go back and watch this show’s first season on demand so it has a shot of getting a second season – please, please, please, please. Also, please. And please one more time. Did I mention if it continues it might delve into whether Kristen Bell’s Eleanor is really into Jameela Jamil’s Tahani. So, yeah, please.


So fun and so funny and you know you’re happy to see America Ferrera back on your teevees so watch already.

Fresh Off the Boat

While “Fresh Off the Boat” is technically is a family comedy, this show set in the early 90s Orlando clearly belongs to Constance Wu’s Jessica Huang. Clearly.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

A show by Tina Fey (with occasional cameos by Tina Fey) about a woman making it in the world after surviving 15 years of being kidnapped and held underground by a doomsday cult? Please. That comedy just writes itself. Obviously. (And if you haven’t watched it yet I am quite cross with you, obviously.)

So, what are your comedy lifelines right now (preferably female fronted because, duh)?

p.s. On my “To Watch” list are “One Day at a Time” and “Insecure”


Waffles said...

Love the Good Place, Superstore, and One Day at a Time. Not a comedy, but am loving Supergirl and the coming out storyline.

Deborah B said...

I really like Speechless. I watched American Housewife, enjoyed a coupe of episodes, but was mostly "meh". It does have a black lesbian character. I still like Blackish and love Brooklyn Nine-Nine..

Carmen SanDiego said...

Jessica IS "fresh of the boat"
And insecure is really good. Just the broken pussy rap by itself is worth it

Florence said...

I love Sweet/Vicious. It's on MTV and it's absolutely wonderful: feminist, female-fronted, all about female friendships, funny despite the fact that it tackles rape and consent. I wish more people were watching because I fear a cancellation.

Angela Watson said...

I know it's not a sitcom, but Full Frontal w/ Sam Bee is saving my sanity about now.