Friday, January 13, 2017

My Weekend First Lady

Courage, kittens. Courage. I can’t believe this is the last speech Michelle Obama will give as First Lady of the United Statues. For the past eight years it has been our country’s great honor to have this amazing woman at its helm. She has been the epitome of strength, intelligence, honor and compassion. She’s also been really cool and really fun and really refreshing. In her last speech she said she hopes she made us proud. Please, if only we as a country were worth her endless grace and fierce integrity. So, in her honor I will try to not be afraid of what is coming in these next four years. We can’t fear the future, but we can fight like hell to make it better. Be determined. Thanks, Mrs. Obama. I cannot believe we have to let her go in a week. Thank you so much. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I still can't believe we're not going to have Bill Clinton as our first lad
I am really going to miss the Obamas

Helena said...

Michelle Obama , please come and visit us in South Africa, please. I have so much respect and admiration for her and she truly inspires.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Carmen I never cared for "Slick Willy" and am happy he wont set foot in the White House again. I voted for Hillary (relunctantly - I am a Sanders backer who thinks the entire political system needs to be overhauled) but the Clintons certainly had their fair share of shady money grubbing deals. Both profitted obscenely from our corrupt system.

Heron said...

Strength, intelligence, honor and compassion? Could you please cite specific examples because all I saw as a spectacular PR campaign that stood in stark contrast to reality. We just saw an unprecedented number of civilians murdered by drones, many in countries we aren't at war with, a few that we know of were American citizens, one of those a teenager. An illegal war in Libya, the least transparent administration in history ( after promises of the opposite ), unprecedented prosecution of whistleblowers, gitmo, fast and furious, not one banker jailed, not one, endless war, and on and on. Oh, don't forget legalizing extraordinary rendition of journalists. Essentially more of the same bs. He out did Bush, by a very large margin and has opened the door for trump to wage war whenever and wherever he wants and has increased the nightmare police state we exist in. So, no. There has been no honor. No intelligence. Certainly no compassion. Sure, some great branding and a top notch PR campaign. Jimmy Kimmel appearances. Jimmy Fallon show. Vapid speeches and blatant lying. But overall a miserable failure. Another Wall Street puppet.

So please, can you cite examples of strength, intelligence, honor and compassion.