Friday, September 23, 2016

My Moving Crush: Kristen Bell

I have liked Kristen Bell for a long time, but I have not really watched any of her shows. (Yes, yes – I know “Veronica Mars” is supposed to be awesome - I know.) Her public persona has always been delightful, and also incredibly smart. So during the Olympics when I saw like 30 million ads for “The Good Place”* and it looked, well, good I could not have been more excited. And, indeed, I watched and the first episode Monday was good. Like, really good. It reminds me a little of “Pushing Daisies” in its magical weirdness. And I mean that in the very best way. So now I get to enjoy Kristen the person (who hate the pay gap) and the performer (who hates clown paintings). That’s what I call a win-win.

* Called it The Good Spot because, due to my impending move, I apparently boxed my brain. I think it is somewhere in with the kitchen utensils. Anyway, watch this show!


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Anonymous said...

It's actually called 'The Good Place' not The Good Spot, but yes, Kristen is fantastic in it and I recommend giving it a try.
I can't believe you never watched 'Veronica Mars' - that's just not right.... deducting points for that - go watch it now.
On a completely separate note - on my MUST WATCH new show list - 'Speechless' staring Minnie Driver. I'm just plugging
it, because I saw the first episode and fell in love with the show.

Helena said...

All the best with the move and will watch out for the show.