Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Our Rebel Heroine

This fucking year. This infernal fucking year. This year has taken our heroes away one by one. And while all deaths are sad, some cut deeper and mean more. Quite simply, some just hurt. It hurts to lose Carrie Fisher. Terribly.

We all knew her as the galaxy’s rebel princess. And then its fearless general. But she was always so much more. A wonderful writer. A tireless activist. A tremendous wit. An entirely human human. She was honest, so very honest, about everything – especially her flaws. But honesty is not the same as apology. Because she never apologized for being herself. Not for living with mental illness. Not for daring to gain weight while famous. Not for the audacity of aging while a woman. She wasn’t here for any of our bullshit, but she also understood it all too well. Yet she retained her joyful heart and her endless good humor through it all.

As one of my earliest and greatest heroines, she will always be the one who – quite literally – strangled the enormous slug of patriarchy with its own oppressive chains. She may not be our only hope, but she was perhaps our most indelible hope. If I take anything away from this odious year it will be the reminder to be the Leia you want to see in the world. Thank you, Carrie. You were a true hero for this galaxy, and all others whether near or far, far away.


Anonymous said...

Anyone else getting the idea it's the lucky ones who are dying??? Not that all are being claimed for a specific purpose, just that they are being spared from the apocalypse. There is an element of envy in my mourning.

Anonymous said...

I miss you so much !


Sue Winter said...

She's a really,really hard loss.

Carmen San Diego said...

It's the rapture. All the good ones are leaving before Trump. Meanwhile the Pat Robertsons and Ted Cruzes get left behind

Torey Lockwood said...

Her mother just joined her.

There are moments that words really don't reach. This past 36ish hours are right up there.