Monday, December 26, 2016

Yes, One Bed Is Fine

How was your Christmas? Appropriately merry, I hope. This is the first holiday season in quite some time I won’t be traveling. So that means no missed flights, no getting snowed in, no chance encounters with famous lesbian singing twins. So perhaps I just might steal Cameron and Rhea’s idea for a Melissa McCarthy movie day. Or I could just watch “Ghostbusters” over and over and over again and make it a McCarthy-McKinnon movie day.


Carmen San Diego said...

Movie day with a good blanket, the pets and some popcorn Sounds lovely
Enjoy DS

:) said...

I didn't want to be traveling this holiday--my original plan was yours. Got suckered into a family visit, though. I missed home, but traveling through the south and midwest in my Hillary shirt was fun. Even got offered a free cocktail on one of the flights. I hope you went with a Melissa McCarthy day and enjoyed every second.