Monday, December 12, 2016

A Very Lena 2016

By now, no doubt, you have seen the Beginning/End of 2016 memes. They're sadly very, very accurate. But I thought I would add my own, because if a thin-skinned reality TV star can get Russia's help to become president, I can do - well - just about anything I want. Why not? Nothing matters! *laughs hysterically dissolving into sobs* *and repeat* Anyway, I thought I would gay up my contribution because, at least until Jan. 20, I am free to be as gay gaggity gay gay as I want in America. With all apologies to Lena Headey, who is so much better than 2016 would imply, here goes.

Me at the beginning of 2016

Me at the end of 2016

Bonus: Me at the beginning of 2017


Carmen San Diego said...

They can close that meme down. You won the Internet for today
Well done DS

Anonymous said...

She is terrible, no acting skills, be aware DS

Anonymous said...