Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gender Fuck Thursday: Vintage Tux Edition

In the waning days of 2016, as the light fades and a future filled with only more darkness looms, let us remember the things we can always rely on. The majority of Americans did not want The Hate Pumpkin to be president, by 2.84 million votes. Cate Blanchett’s existence is proof there is a higher power and she wants lesbians to be happy. And vintage Hollywood female stars in tuxedos make almost anything better. At least for a little while.

Doris Day

Josephine Baker

Constance Cummings

Mary Pickford

Gloria Swanson

Anna May Wong

Marlene Dietrich

Please, like one of these could end without Marlene.

p.s. I am not a smoker. Nor do I encourage smoking. But the picture in question is nearly 90 years old. So please take it in the historical context it was posted. Also don't smoke. The end.


Karen said...

I dont think its appropriate to show a photo with a cigarette. Many of us do not smoke and anhor the act of smoking. There is nothing sexy about smoking.

Jay said...

Hi Karen! I guess as long as no one is smoking next to you you can be adult enough to know ... not look at the photo if it offends you that much.
Jeez, what is wrong with people nowadays?
I for once love women in suits and/or tuxes and do not care if they smoke in a black and white picture that is probably from the 1920s or 1930s when smoking was still a thing.
And no, I do not smoke. I am just annoyed by the fact that no matter what you do, someone will be offended or at least act offended, because it somehow makes them feel alive.
Dorothy, thank you. I love your photo posts and you are right: It wouldn't have been complete without Marlene.

Karen said...

Jay, I came of age in the 80s and 90s and witnessed many in the community succumb to drug and alchohol addictions. Cigarette smoking was very common at the bars. I know its a different era but I worry a young impressionable person will see the photo and think it looks "cool". I have many friends with hepatitis and other diseases caused by addiction. In my opinion, we need to banish tobaco products.

Sally A Johns said...
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Sally A Johns said...

YAY for GFT! Thanks Dorothy. I sent you an Instagram message with a pic to add to one of your GFT. Hope you got it as I'm sure many of your followers will LOVE it.
Have a great weekend ahead (I'm writing from the Future - it's Friday here already).

Nici75 said...

Karen, I'm smoking a cigar right now, and while I'm not wearing white tie, moments ago I was wearing a gorgeous woman. I'll be wearing her again in a moment, because she's giving me that look that says, "The only thing that'll make you look hotter than that lancero cigar, is ME."

I think that despite your protestations, I'll keep right on smoking, thanks.

Have a nice day.

Jay said...

Hi Karen, I grew up in the 80s, too. A lot of my friends and family smoked (somehow they all quit at some point). I'm a huge fan of "no smoking in public places", cause my hair and clothes don't smell like cold smoke anymore when I come home from a bar. I thinks it's weird to see old movies with people smoking.
And still I think it is inappropriate to come to a private blog and blame the author for posting a classic photography.
This is not a blog about being a role model in questions of public health.

Carmen San Diego said...

Great GFT, as usual DS
And if you don't like cigarettes just don't smoke them, not that hard