Monday, September 05, 2016

The Big Gayzzoli Ending

Well here we are. Tonight is the night. Last chance to follow (and tweet) along to see The Big Gayzzoli Ending. Do I have high hopes for the Gayzzoli? No, not at all. But We have seen it through the start to the finish together. And I intend to go down rooting for this ship, no matter what the writers have in store. Because, of course, this was never about what the show wanted. It was about what the chemistry demanded. And it was about what our hearts and imaginations desired. So, please enjoy and let us tweet along with #gayzzoli one last time together.


Anonymous said...

Very low expectations for this episode. They threw continuity out the window this season and went for happy endings all around.

Dacaria said...

They threw us a very small, cursory bone at the end. It still didn't make up for the disaster that was the last two seasons.