Thursday, September 01, 2016

Take These Wives

[Video removed because link died because Seeso died]

Well here’s something neat – and also gay. Is that being redundant? Should you automatically assume that anything I call “neat” is also “gay?” I mean, it’s a strong assumption but not necessarily a wrong one all things considered. Anyway – where was I? Right this neat, gay thing. Wonderful comics (and gay ladies – dammit, am I being redundant again?) Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher are staring in a new series together. It’s called “Take My Wife.” You see, because in addition to being gay ladies they are gay ladies married to each other – gayly. Now I know I am just being redundant. Anyway – back on track, I promise.

Their new show is on Seeso which – don’t worry – I’ve never heard of either. But apparently it’s a comedy streaming service where you can watch episodes of “30 Rock” and “Parks and Recreation” so, you know, awesome. Anyway, their new show, “Take My Wife” has its first episode online for free. Like totally free. Like, no monies. Though, if you then like it, you should definitely pay the monies to watch the rest of the series because that’s the only way independent artists can make a living and cool things can sustain. Right, sorry, lesbian on a soapbox here. (Again, redundant?)

I had the great privilege of seeing Cameron and Rhea perform last year and they were really great, much funny, so wow. If they happen to come to your town, grab every lesbian you know and a few questioning friends and see them. Fine, straight friends can come, too. But they can’t make any cracks about the side mullet. That’s our side mullet, dammit. It belongs to us.

Anyway. Like I was saying, these lesbians are very funny and you should probably watch their show.

p.s. Tatiana Maslany thinks you should watch their show, too.

p.s.s. Here is the whole first episode embedded because, I get it, sometimes clicking a link is hard.


Waffles said...

You can also watch "Pistol Shrimps" on Seeso - which you totally should do because it is awesome!!!

Carmen SanDiego said...

I saw the rest of the season and it was much better than I expected. It has a lot of promise and I hope it gets picked up for season 2. We need more shows about adult lesbians without kids.