Monday, September 19, 2016

Cuddle Time

Right, so as you can see I have gotten behind on the posting a tad. I am in the midst of a confluence of pretty insane (and incredibly time consuming) life events. In short, I am in the process of moving somewhat unexpectedly (and very begrudgingly). It is all happening rather quickly so all this week I will packing everything I own into cardboard boxes and lugging them across town. Yayyyy. So until things return to normal (and I have a reliable internet service hooked up again) please bear with me as my posting will likely be intermittent. Please accept this otter cuddle party as my sincere apology. And thanks, as always, for reading.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Sorry about that. Hope you found a cool new place
Let us us know if you want some help

Sally A Johns said...

All the best with the move Dorothy and thanks for thinking of us even during a time of turmoil.