Monday, September 26, 2016

My (Presidential) Moving Crush

On the day of our the first presidential debate, when expectations have been lowed for Trump so far that if he doesn’t shit on the stage and smear it on Hillary he will be considered “presidential,” here are just a shit-ton of celebrities telling you to please – for fuck’s sake – do the right thing. Though, I’m fine with Mark keeping his pants on.


Anonymous said...

Yes, please keep the pants on.

Oh my, the last scene made me tear up because, YES, the average person is the most important.

My guts just churn thinking about how horrible this could be if enough voters refuse to have some foresight.

Anonymous said...

Am hoping your moving post tomorrow/today is one moved by the fact that Hillary DEMOLISHED Trump. It was a thing of beauty. I watched it in the middle of the night, and so had to jump around the living room in pained silence, so as not to wake my wife. Pained, I tell you.

And Texts from Hillary should totally start up again.

Anonymous said...

Trump brings out of worst in people (both his supporters and haters), that's why he is unfit to be president. period.

Alissa said...

The one thing I didn't like about the ad was all that it was saying was to go out and vote. But people need to drive the message home that it has to be a vote for Hillary! Not just some generic call to vote against DT. A vote for a third party candidate will not help keep him out of the White House. It has to be a vote for Hillary!