Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Cheese Knows

You guys, you guys. Why did none of you tell me that Tina Fey AND Rachel Maddow were going to be on “The Tonight Show” last night? Don’t you love me? Instead I had to stumble on it myself, by accident. But, oh, what an accident. Tina and Rachel even squared off in a game of Know It All. Is Jimmy Fallon reading my dream journal. I’ll let you watch the magnificence for yourself. .But rest assured I’m getting a T-shirt made that says “Chèvre is goat” and wearing it forever.

p.s. Rachel should have known better than to challenge La Fey on her Night Cheese.

p.p.s. You should watch both ladies’ interviews as well because, hello, they’re Tina Fey and Rachel Maddow.


babylon sister said...

Rachel gave the game to Tina Fey when she didn't choose the cocktail category, Rach knows from cocktails.

Alexb11411 said...

Rachel is an adorable and brilliant dork. I simply love her.