Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gender Fuck Thursday

Does the real fear of our country falling under the neo-fascist rule of a racist, sexist short-fingered vulgarian got you down? Then how about some beautiful women of color in black-and-white to cheer you up? Oh, also they’re in various forms of so-called menswear. Why? Because irony is damn beautiful. You’re welcome, America. Now get the hell out there and vote. Oh, and Ted Cruz is just as bad. Shudder.

Viola Davis

Still catching up on HTGAWM Season 2. Question: Does it get gayer?

Gina Rodriguez

She is so damn delightful and I feel so damn guilty for being so damn behind on “Jane the Virgin.”

Janelle Monae

Every time I see Janelle in a suit my heart grows three sizes.

Archie Panjabi

I’m so excited Archie is finally getting her own series.

Angela Bassett

I don’t know why Angela keeps showing up in “American Horror Story,” since she is always so terribly underused. But bless her for continuing to do her very damn best with what she is given.

Lucy Liu

“Elementary” continues to be wonderful. That is all.


I think I am too old to fully understand who Zendaya is.

Janet Jackson

We should all follow Janet’s lead and sip copious amounts of tea throughout this entire insane election cycle.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Well, thank you for that! It was much needed
Gender fuck Thursday is my favorite (yes, beats naked lady Monday for me)

Anonymous said...

I'm with Carmen. I've been missing GFTs! Thanks, Miz Snarker :)