Wednesday, March 16, 2016

On Our Crewson

More evidence that things are better in Canada, actress Wendy Crewson (who you will recognize from several movies – including gay ones) reaffirmed her gay ladiness when she was inducted into the Canadian Walk of Fame earlier this year. The ceremony was in January, but as their somewhat backward neighbors to the south news filters down slowly here, I guess. But there it is, big and lovely for everyone to see. This wasn’t actually Wendy’s official coming out, that was apparently in late 2014 when she came out in the Canadian press. Sheesh, we really are slow down here.

You will recognize Wendy from “Air Force One” (as Harrison Ford’s First Lady) and “The Santa Claus” (as Tim Allen’s ex) film franchise. But, who am I kidding, you actually recognize Wendy as the mom in the 1999 lesbian favorite “Better Than Chocolate” and then again as the lesbian realtor in the 2003 Lifetime movie “An Unexpected Love.” Oh, and she had a rather memorable same-sex dressing room shenanigans scene in the 2000 film “Mercy.” Yeah, now it’s all coming back to you.

I know this news is technically old news, but for me today it was new news. Also, who would pass up an opportunity to showcase not one but two (hello, Wendy Crewson’s equally attractive girlfriend) real-life gay ladies? Yeah, not this lady.

p.s. Here is Wendy as gay lady real estate agent Mac in “An Unexpected Love.” Sadly I couldn’t find her “Better Than Chocolate” vibrator scene on YouTube.

p.p.s. I could find the “Mercy” scene, yeah, you’re welcome.


Anonymous said...

Whaaaat!!?? Wendy Crewson is gay?? OMG, yessss!!!
I love "Mercy". "Better than chocolate" is enjoyable and "An unexpected love"...god, she was so hot in that "femme-butch" role.
I loved her in those 3 movies and she was so good and, ok, so my taste. :p

PS: And I agree, the vibrator scene is so funny.

Anonymous said...

My dear Dorothy, I was exactly 4 days ahead of you. Last Friday night, my partner and I went to see Room. (highly recommended btw). Wendy Crewson has a small part in it, which got me to thinking about her and how much I enjoyed her work. We even looked to see where we could watch "An Unexpected Love" as this movie really resonates with my gf, and I remember Wendy being really stunning in this flick. When we got home I googled her and read about her coming out in 2014! I didn't know how this could have gotten past me, no news on afterellen, no news on Dorothy Snarker's blog. How could this have happened and I didnt know? Reading your post made me laugh, and well, I wasn't the only one who missed this. Canada isn't that far away, is it?

Carolyn McBride said...

We Canadians are quite proud of our Wendy. Talented, attractive, well-spoken, intelligent, easy on the eyes, tall, stunning...*ahem* sorry I do tend to go on about her at great length. she has a VERY lucky partner. She wasn't really a secret per say, but if we trumpeted too loud about her, you would have wanted her sooner.
We, and her very lucky girlfriend Julie, do not share. Sorry.

no-one said...

I love Wendy Crewson. She's currently doing a fantastic job in Saving Hope, as well as a new horror/dramady thing called Slasher.

Helena said...

Cannot believe I did not pick this up earlier. My only excuse is that Africa is even further away from Canada than America is :) So DS we need you to keep us informed.

AK ALASKA said...

Brava Wendy! I knew there was a reason I love her work. Grace, charm, intelligence & wit comes thru in all her characters. Thx Dorothy for the affirmative nod to this super actor. OMG!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Yay! She is so sexy... the dark hair, the green eyes, the smokey voice. So glad she's on our team!