Thursday, July 30, 2015

Throwback Thursday

So am I doing this Throwback Thursday thing right? Sorta? How about pictures of celebrities when they were just wee little celebrities? I mean look at wee little Jodie Foster, circa 1884. Sweet merciful Zeus, that hair. Stars – they were once younger, just like us. Granted, some celebrities don’t get older – but that’s another story altogether. Anyway, here are a bunch of our favorite famous folks back in the day. TBT, as the kids say.

Glenn Close & Jennifer Beals, circa 1985
Eighties hair is the gift that keeps on giving.

Queen Latifah, Ingrid Casares & k.d. lang, circa 1990
What I wouldn’t give to have been a big lesbian fly on the wall here.

Natalie Portman, circa 1990
Who would have thought this cute face would grow up to be driven mad by ballet, pick feathers out of her back and have really hot lesbian sex with Mila Kunis. Wait, never mind – I totally see it.

Gillian Anderson, circa 1996
Imagine, just 20 years ago it was perfectly acceptable to wear your bathrobe to the Golden Globes.

Jill Hennessy & Angie Harmon, circa 2000
It’s a “Law & Order” ADA Off and we’re all winners.

Ellen Page & Anna Paquin, circa 2006
Aw, look at them. Before we knew they were both totally queer ladies.

Jennifer Larence & Selma Blair, circa 2008
Four years before Katniss, JLaw proves she was always a huge ham sandwich.

Jodie Foster & Kristen Stewart, circa 2002
People said the casting of K-Stew as Jodie’s daughter was uncanny…

Jodie Foster & Kristen Stewart, circa 1981 & 2000
…Yeah, I don’t see it… KIDDING, obviously.


Anonymous said...

on the fist picture Kristen reminds me of Shiloh Jolie Pitt :)

Helena said...

This brings back good memories although it reminds me I'm getting older :)

Anonymous said...

1884! That's a bit mean!

Anonymous said...

You know Jody Foster is a bitch and always has been. Why two pictures of a nasty bitch? Niceness is important try to embrace it.

Tristen said...

@anon ...

When has it been said Jody is a bitch. She is a strong, confident, powerful woman in Holly-Weird. If she were a man people would be praising her toughness for surviving in that fishbowl.

Carmen SanDiego said...

KStew, just be GayStew

Tam said...

Yes, agree with Anon. That 2000 pic of Kristen Stewart feels like an uncanny resemblance to what Shiloh Jolie Pitt could look like in 5 years time!