Monday, July 27, 2015

Last Girl

Oh, yes. Oh, no. No, but also yes. Yes, but also no. It’s the beginning of the for-real end of “Lost Girl.” I can’t really express my feelings. I’m excited to see how this story ends. I’m so sad this story had to end. So sad. Still not over it. But, alas, chin up. We soldier on. And we’ll analyze on as well with the very first new trailer for the final episodes. So let’s dive right in with six off-the-cuff reactions to the new footage.

1) The last eight episodes all take part in a discotheque?

2) Who knew Greek gods wore Vera Bradley?

3) Imma miss that overuse of eyeliner, I really am.

4) If Dyson gets to meet dad, Lauren better, too. Or, wait, maybe not – all things considered.


6) Is that Elektra?

7) Bo + Kenzi + Big Grassy Field = Guaranteed Epicness.

p.s. Don’t worry, I totally realize all that Lauren and Tamsin footage is old. Sneaky, sneaky, Showcase.


no-one said...

Yay Kenzi! I would have been so pissed if she wasn't there for the end.

My theory is now that the magic vag serum exists, Bo will have Lauren make one that works on her, and end the series as a human. Which will tie in nicely with the first episode when they asked her to pick a side and she was all "Neither. I choose human."

;) babs said...


Tristen said...

My guess... Because the last teaser promo showed Lauren getting hit by a truck .. I think Lauren dies and that send Bo over the edge to go real evil. But Kenzi comes back and she saves Bo from herself. Of course Bo (who has the power of reserection) brings Lauren back from the dead. Lauren is the only main character who has yet to die ... and get reserected.

I think it will be epic and heart breaking right up to the end ... But then .... Salvation !!!