Friday, July 03, 2015

My Weekend Crush

Are you ready for some fooooootball? Damn, I enjoy watching women’s soccer. I particularly enjoy watching the Women’s World Cup because it’s got everything you could possibly want in good television. Action, comedy, drama, regret, determination, jubilation, anger, despair, elation and sometimes even a little blood. Fine, a lot of blood.

Given, as an American I’m particularly pleased with my home team. And it is Fourth of July Weekend. Finals on Sunday, baby. So in honor of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s accomplishments this World Cup, here is a tribute to everything that makes them great. OK, well perhaps not everything, but the things you lesbians care about the most. Happy weekend and go USA, all.

The Intensity:

Tobin Heath roars.

Carli Lloyd pumps.

Abby Wambach grits.

Yes, she’s problematic, but no one gives better bitch-get-away-from-my-goal face than Hope Solo.

The Hugs:

Baby Horse prances.

Meghan Klingenberg leaps.

Kelley O’Hara bounds.

Megan Rapinoe bear hugs.

The Lifts:

Tobin’s good lift.

Tobin’s bad lift.

The Thighs:

Ali Krieger, all day long.

Sydney Leroux, all night long.

Tobin, day and night.

Kelley, always.

The Hair Goals:


Or Abby?

The abs:

Rapinoe-oh, damn, girl.

p.s. Just to get you extra pumped, here are Abby’s teammates impersonating her. USA! USA! USA!

p.p.s. Well done rest of the world, too, of course.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Gonna throw a watch party for the final
More than anything I want Rapinoe and Wambach to get that Cup

Jay Struan said...

And here I am, German girl, sitting in the office, at work, wearing my 2011 Krieger jersey. They'll get the cup this year. I know it. By the way, does it make me a bad person that I rooted for the US when they played my home team?

Helena said...

From the Southern tip of Africa I will loudly cheer for your team DS. And thank you for the pictures - they make for a perfect start to the weekend:)

AK ALASKA said...

What a joy for my 63yr old eyes! I was an athlete ( pre-Title IX )where female opportunities were Tennis & nothing else. These gals are the Cream-O-the-Crop in every way possible, Hubba Hubba. Thanks for the story Kitten!

Anonymous said...

Thank you'!!!!!!!!!!!!!