Thursday, July 16, 2015

Orphan Crack

And in this moment, we are all Litchfield. Damn, you know how you can get sucked into those YouTube mashup rabbit holes where the further you go the better and weirder it gets? Well, welcome to Orphan Crack. I have no idea who this crazy editing genius named Pepa is, but I know she makes a mean crossover video.

Like, seriously.

No, but I mean it.

Yeah, told ya so.

Yep, like I was saying. Have fun with that rabbit hole.

p.s. Oh, oh, have you seen the real show’s new official blooper reel. Yeah, you are never getting off YouTube now.

p.p.s. AN EMMY NOMINATION FOR TATIANA MASLANY?!? I don’t know what to do with all the pent-up rage I normally store to unleash on the Academy this time of year. Group clone club dance off?


Hoot said...

Good God! I've just blown my whole morning. What have you done?

Carmen SanDiego said...

Wooooo Maslany!!