Wednesday, July 01, 2015

For Every Girl

You probably already know about this. You might have even already donated. But it’s worth repeating because it is always worth repeating when good things happen. Sometimes it seems in this world all the bad stuff can beat us down. Like the story of the Girl Scouts of Western Washington who were given a $100,000 donation, but only with if none of the money went toward supporting transgender girls. Wow, way to go, asshole.

But that’s where the good kicks in. The Girl Scouts of Western Washington returned that money, because Girl Scouts are for every girl – regardless of race, class, faith, sexual orientation, gender identity or anything else. That alone would be great, an organization taking a stand against such blatant bigotry. But the part that makes it that much better is how we as a community have responded.

When the Girl Scouts put out the word about the donation being returned, it also asked the public to perhaps match the amount they lost to help girls go to camp. And, boy, did we deliver. The group’s Indiegogo #ForEVERYGirl campaign matched the $100,000 by midday. At the time of writing their donations are up to $269,000 and climbing. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that if by the time you read this the amount has been tripled, if not more.

Yes, nearly a quarter million dollars was raised in one day to support trans girls, and girls everywhere. Wow, way to go, world.

I was a Girl Scout growing up. And it was a wonderful, empowering and incredibly fun experience. I couldn’t be more proud to be a former Girl Scout today. Also, we have cookies.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Way to go, world!

Jonathan said...

Boo yeah. Say no to bigotry and stupidity... wait, that was redundant saying both :D