Monday, January 19, 2015

Will You Brittana Me?

Yes, the Birttana proposal happened. Yes, it was kinda sweet. Yes, they’re endgame. But what I really want to talk about his how Glee finally addressed its most important and ignored issue - Kurt’s toothless baby mouth. I mean, I love the guy and all, but for six seasons every time he opened his mouth to sing all I saw was the cavernous maw of a newborn. This epic burn monologue almost makes me happy to be watching “Glee” again. Almost.

Look, I’m past caring about “Glee” in anything more than a nostalgic, head-shaking sense. But after skimming the first three episodes I have to say they’re not totally terrible. Granted it is totally terrible storytelling that a bunch of college dropouts should be hired on the spot to become teachers and coaches without credentials or experience or anything but pretty smiles and pretty voices. But, fine, I’ll suspend the laws of physics and disbelief and pretend that they’re all gainfully employed at accredited institutions to lead and instruct our nation’s youth. Watching this show requires the removal of at least one lobe of the brain already.

Aside from all of that, the big Brittana proposal episode last week actually had a few delicate touches and lovely recalls. Them saying they love each other to infinity. Them snuggling on the bed talking about scissoring. It was nice, OK, it was NICE.

While I still don’t trust Ryan Murphy with lesbian (and really any female character) storylines as far as I can throw a gay shark, I am happy the writers appear to be finally giving fandom with what they deserve. (p.s. Don’t worry, Klainers, I have no doubt your endgame is coming, too. Not a spoiler, just a hunch.) Fans of these characters have suffered long enough. Wrap it up and just make the people who cared so very much about these kids who sang and danced in the middle of class for no reason whatsoever happy.

p.s. Who was that little lesbian who came out of nowhere to hand Santana the ring? Or does Snix just bring her minions with her everywhere she goes?

p.p.s. I did not think the Coach Beiste trans storyline was totally terrible either. I sincerely hope they do something real with it moving forward and not just let it disappear like all those Glee Version 2.0 kids they brought in two seasons ago never to be heard from again.


No Way to Gay said...

so, being gay is your attempted claim to fame? pathetic.

Anonymous said...

No Way, you really really need to get a life!!!

TheWeyrd1 said...

Kitty is still around...but otherwise, yeah, no plausible explanation really.

Unknown said...

Haters gonna hate.
In the meantime I'd like to say thank you. While Glee was my thing 6 seasons ago and stopped being my thing about 3 seasons ago, I never cease to be entertained by your blog.
Every morning I get to work, set myself up and start reading your blog while I drink my coffee and eat my banana (that didn't sound as weird until I typed it). I look forward to reading your blog every single day and you never disappoint. You're the most talented wordsmith I know (of).
I hope you have a lovely day and I hope Glee continues to be "not terrible" for the rest of the season.

Unknown said...

PS - Counting down to your Lost Girl recap of yesterdays ep. Wowsa!

Carmen SanDiego said...

Yeah, the proposal was nice but the Beiste storyline coming out of nowhere...
Oh well, let's just focus on the proposal

Ciaran Llachlan Leavitt said...

To be fair, Rachel actually has credentials for what she is doing - she won Nationals and was acclaimed as Fanny Brice on Broadway. Kurt is on work experience 'helping Rachel'. Blaine though - that's pure old boy's club helping out someone who is not even technically an alum. Very suspect on Blaine.

Brittany explaining all the time off being due to her being the laws of time and space was cool.

no-one said...

I have the same 'weirded by someone's mouth' problem with Ruth Wilson. I've been watching The Affair, because I love Maura Tierney, and Ruth's mouth looks toothless when she talks.