Thursday, January 29, 2015

Looking Good

The funny thing about being a member of one of the letters smooshed together in LGBT is how different our various communities actually are. Granted, our mutual otherness in an overwhelmingly straight world and shared struggle for civil rights brings us together for the important stuff. But when it comes to the fun stuff, let’s face it, we tend to like different things. Apart from the first few – actually good – seasons of “Glee” and “The Golden Girls,” I find my entertainment consumption and that of my gay male friends have large areas without much overlap. (Of course, gay men and gay women are not monolithic blocs. I’m generalizing very broadly, clearly.)

This is a long-winded way of saying I surprised myself this week by getting really into “Looking.” Yes, that HBO show about gay guys in San Francisco. Yes, “Looking.” Yes, I like it. Part of its appeal is it is only a half-hour show, which means the time investment is just perfect for me. And then the other part is that it’s pretty good. I enjoy the characters and felt engaged in their lives. It feels familiar while still being that rare show that focuses solely on us gay folks and shows us to be just that – folks. Granted, it could use more women than the one token lady. I mean, there were a ton of dudes on “The L Word” over the years. But, fine, I get it.

I also like that the show, for its very gay male sensibility, still manages to have touchstones that are relatable across the LGBT spectrum and – hopefully – to everyone else watching. Is it perfect, no. But I’m going to stick with it for its flaws. Now the only question is whether liking “Looking” means I have more in common with gay men or straight women.

p.s. I’m totally on Team Richie.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I watched half of the first season and then lost interest. I may give it another chance

Anonymous said...

I am with Dorothy. I feel Looking very relatable. At the end I think the show is about the tension between looking for the right love, partner, life style, when you are confronted with so many alternatives at sight. Anyone at the appropriate age bracket can relate to that, I think. It is solidly filmed, too.

At some point I was wondering why I gave a chance to Looking and did not to Girls...