Friday, January 30, 2015

My Weekend (Recapping) Crush

So there you have it. The first half of the last season of our “Lost Girl.” I will say I have enjoyed this season more than last – so far. But mostly I just hated hated hated how last year’s storyline just wandered aimlessly with the most pointless new character ever. The Greek gods are much more interesting than The Wanderer. But then, it’s not a terribly high bar. I can see the arc building somewhere, hopefully somewhere interesting that actually pays off. *cough, not The Yawning, cough* As a Doccubus shipper, of course, I’m thrilled with recent developments. But then I also love me some Valkyrie. So Tamsin better just be stunned, dammit. Now Mark, yeah – I could do without that Little Shit. I also think the Hades casting is pretty cheesetastic, in a good way. So now the long way begins. Mostly, I would like the second half of the final season (whenever they finally air, way to leave us hanging Showcase) to live up to the show’s spirit. Yes, it had its flaws. But it was also so much fun at its best. And it certainly had some of the most beautifully lit same-sex love scenes I’ve ever seen, ever. Mostly, I just can’t believe I have eight more episodes to recap. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. Thanks for reading the Season 5 recaps so far.


Kaz said...

Im loving me some Zee. Amanda Walsh is KILLING IT. She is also very aprreciative of fans chimming in. Her twitter handle is @amandaleewalsh

RS worked on all 16 eps per her twitter and instagram pics so Tamsin is not dead.

JW said...

I'm extremely sadden that no one seem to delight in the fact that Bo's dad is also Shane's dad. Because I was freaking out and yelling at the tv and then scoured the net for vindication that all that mania was normal

TheWeyrd1 said...

You probably know that the guy who plays the Little Shit, also plays the older brother of a transboy on Degrassi...right?