Friday, January 16, 2015

My Weekend (Binge) Crush

Call in sick. Order delivery. Turn your phone to silent. Let nothing interrupt your glorious binge-watching of the second season of “The Fall.” Let nothing get in the way of your continuous adoration of Gillian Anderson. Let nothing stop your enjoyment of one of the best series on television.

The second season of “The Fall” drops on Netflix today and I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you haven’t watched the first season, don’t worry. There are only five episodes so it won’t take to long to get up to speed. But if you have, dear God, what are you waiting for?

Few shows are so methodical yet so suspenseful at the same time. Few shows so clearly tackle the concept of institutionalized sexism. Few shows are so unblinking in their celebration of smart, unapologetic, sexual female characters. Also, few shows have Gillian Anderson. Jesus, is she fantastic.

And as long as you are marathoning, feel free to check out my recaps for the season as you go along:

- The Fall, Episode 2.1
- The Fall, Episode 2.2
- The Fall, Episode 2.3
- The Fall, Episode 2.4
- The Fall, Episode 2.5
- The Fall, Episode 2.6
Happy watching and weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Oooh. thanks for the heads up. I've been waiting. Never watched X Files so this was my introduction to Ms. Anderson. Amazing. Can't decide if Prime Suspect or The Fall tops my list yet.

Panty Buns said...

Thank you! I'd been running out of things to watch on Netflix whose main characters are women. I'd looked briefly at the preview and passed it by because it looked like there were too many men in it, but now knowing it has the Dorothy Snarker seal of approval I will definitely watch it - possibly as soon as I log out of Blogger. :)

Anonymous said...

That was super fast! I watched the second season of The Fall as it was being posted on the web. Now I wish I had waited! I've been re-watching the xfiles b/c I love Gillian Anderson and Scully so (I even have a Scully Barbie!).


Sam said...

Indiewire's recent interview with Gillian Anderson about The Fall.

Sam said...

More about The Fall S2 from Indiewire.

Anonymous said...

S2 is a deception vs S1,imho..saw it a few weeks ago.
Btw ,read BBC unhappy with ratings,renewal ?
But just for S1,great show,even if his "model" aka Danish Forbrydelsen is by far better..

egghead said...

Gillian is so methodical in this role. She's also this way in Hannibal. Very focused. Oh G-d she is gorgeous. I am so glad she is in almost every scene. And it goes so slow.

Anonymous said...

She is incredibly gorgeous

Sam said...

The title says it all. Stella's kiss is to Lauren's magic vagina.