Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Secret Agent Woman

While I will freely admit that I stopped watching “Agent of Shield,” I am very much enjoying “Agent Carter.” Just further proof that things in the same universe can still be – and feel – light-years apart. (Granted, I stopped watching Shield after only a handful of episodes, so I can’t comment on its current state…) Anyway, where was I? Agent Carter, now there’s a hell of a dame. I always thought Hayley Atwell’s Peggy was the absolute best thing about “Captain America” – barring (and baring - hubba hubba) Chris Evan’s perfect V-shaped torso.

Peggy Carter is a perfect feminist protagonist for the period. Smart, no nonsense and infinitely capable she is a sly superhero functioning in a world that constantly underestimates her. But instead of dark-rimmed glasses and a tie as a secret identity she hides her super abilities by being the one thing no one of the era expects – a woman. She is a woman who is every bit as good and even a damn sight better than most men at her job.

Sure, it’s frustrating to see her constantly undermined by the specter of sexism. But that’s kind of the point, we’re all supposed to be annoyed by The Sexism and all want Agent Carter to triumph over The Sexism. A show that roots for a female hero to triumph over her sexist male counterparts is pretty alright in my book. So, yeah, I have a new steady Tuesday show.

Also alright in my book is the friendship between Peggy and waitress friend Angie Martinelli as played by “Nikita” veteran Lyndsy Fonseca. Angie and English even already has a shipper name: Cartinelli. I kind of prefer something a little more poetic like English Martini or whatnot. But, hey, who am I to question fandom. Though, I have to think there’s more to nice, Schnapps-offering Angie than meets the eye. Plus, from all of Lyndsy’s Nikita work we know she can kick some serious ass. So it would seem a waste to just have her slinging hash behind a counter the whole time. Plus, don’t these two make a fine couple? Yes, ma’am.


Anonymous said...

I also stopped watching Agents of Shield it was not that good. Joss Whedon needs to get it together and make another fireflyesque show and I will be very happy. I will catch up on Agent Carter.

TheWeyrd1 said...

I saw what you did there "baring" vs. barring when speaking of a V shaped torso...heh Also, totally had to shake my head and go OHHHHH when I realized that Angie was the kickass protege from Nikita. Different hair and outfit apparently ALSO make good disguises and I've been watching this show...sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Shield got much better after they connected it to the movie; it was lost for those first episodes. You might try again, if only for Agent May ;-)

TotallyNatS said...

Yes, yes and yes to everything you wrote! In addition to Angie and Peggy (Schnapps and Cake... those were all the cues my shipper brain needed to imagine a blossoming romance) we'll probably also see more of Bridget Regan's Dottie Underwood in the next couple of episodes. Mrs Regan seems to make a habit of snatching up recurring guest appearances in all the right shows lately. I've been a fan of hers since LOTS, so I'm quite happy about that.

The Big Bad henchman of the last episode or better: the slender, hat-wearing figure waiting in the shadows until it was time to kill, definitely seemed like a henchwoman to me. At least judging by his/her movements. The question remaining is whether it is sweet, quirky Angie/Nikita trained Lyndsy or innocent Oklahoma girl Dottie hiding under the hat. I can't wait to find out.

egghead said...

Damn, I do love this time period, if for no other reason, as you say, she is fighting the uphill battle of sexism.

By the way, I think it appropriate/timely to bring up a rather right on point made by the infamous Stella Gibson here: "the basic human form is female. maeleness is a kind of birth defect"