Monday, August 04, 2014

Truely Tori

You know, I haven’t thought about Tori Amos in a while. She was such a large part of my high school and college self. But since, I’ve moved on. (Actually, I’ve moved on from a lot of music – I really only ever listen in the car and when cleaning the house these days.) But when I hear her voice again it takes me back immediately. Like a bullet through time I’m 18 all over again. Her voice was, is and will always be otherworldly. It hits notes that tap into our nerve center, becoming less music and more raw emotions. I remember distinctly having sixth row seats to see her in college and crying to “Me and a Gun” with my then girlfriend. You didn’t so much listen to Tori as experience her

This is a really long-winded way of saying I got caught in a Tori Amos YouTube Rabbit Hole the other day. And I can’t believe Tori has a 13-year-old daughter (named Natashya) and I can’t believe she can sing so well. The mother-daughter duo duet on her new single “Promise.” It’s all kinds of lovely. Shut up, you have something in your eye.

Also, here is Tori covering t.A.T.u.’s “Not Gonna Get Us” in Moscow earlier this summer.

p.s. And her is her cover of “Aint’ No Sunshine/She Keeps Me Warm.” I told you I got trapped in a rabbit hole.


maya said...

I think her daughter's like 16. Important cuz she's kinda cute and 16 is legal in the UK, so not quite as creepy?...Nevermind, still creepy.

nallus said...

Thanx a f***ing lot for making me cry over that vid with her daughter! and also for reminding me how truly great Tori is! :)

Sol said...

Your post made me fall in o a Tori Amos spiral too. Thank you (?)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. <3

Laura 91 said...

I read this post on your blog 3 years ago and became instantly mesmerized by Tori's music after watching the clip of her in Moscow. Last night I got to see her perform live; it was a fantastic experience I never would of had if it wasn't for you. So thank you.