Friday, August 01, 2014

My Weekend Crush

[H/T to Beyonce Voter for the image]

From the Voting Rights Act decision to the Hobby Lobby debacle, our three ladies of the Supreme Court have decidedly not taking this shit lying down. In particular, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is having none of these basic boy bitches on the court. (That means you, Alito, Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, Kennedy.) It’s a very frustrating time to be a woman and not a corporation in America. Justice Ginsburg has been the fiercest in her official dissents in both the Voting Rights Act and Hobby Lobby decisions. You can practically feel the heat from her righteous rage coming off the page.

But the one small consolation is Justice Ginsburg and the rest of our lady Supremes are just as frustrated. And, just like us, they turn to (or at least appreciate) the humor which we turn to to feel better about our situation. So much so that she knows about her Internet nickname, The Notorious R.B.G., and LOVES IT. She also loves its accompanying Tumblr and has watched all those feminist rap songs people have made about her on YouTube. You can see her full multi-part interview with Katie Couric here. Oh hell yeah, I’m getting a T-shirt. Happy weekend, all.


aph said...

You all know who should play R.B.G. in a movie, right?
Just compare:
this and that

Carmen SanDiego said...

Justice Ginsburg is fantastic
May she rule for a long time
However it really worries me that the next president might get to replace 2 SCOTUS justices.

Helena said...

Thank you for this post. Really admire this woman and loved the video.

egghead said...

Oh my, she is the shizznit.

Anonymous said...

As a non US reader I would have loved a bit of context with this as I have no idea what it is about & I suspect it's important.

I'm sure your stats show international visitors so a bit of consideration for us would be welcomed :)

Tater said...

Anon, there's nothing to stop you from researching it on your own through the magic of online newspapers and Google.